Béatrice Pépin

Professional translator | Traductrice indépendante

I am a French translator with two specific profiles:

* Economics and corporate communication, EN & SP & IT > FR

** Literature, arts & culture, tourism, SP & GAL > FR

A history book, Presses universitaires de Rennes (France):
"Histoire de la Galice", Ramón Villares, pending (2H19).

2 photography books, André Frère Éditions (France):
"Alberto García-Alix par Nicolás Combarro", December 2016, ISBN 979-10-92265-47-7; and
"Vera & Victoria" by Mar Sáez, November 2016, ISBN 979-10-92265-55-2.

2 documentary films:
"Querida Gina" (Susana Sotelo), 2013, Spain; and
"Funés, o inventor da lúa" (Enrique Otero), 2014, Spain.

A qualified translator, I have both sound technical knowledge and excellent writings skills. My work involves documentary searches, translation and writing, editing and proofreading, contents updating, QA and QC, terminology as well as linguistic advice.

A professional translator, I am a member of several translation associations (SFT in France, Asetrad & Agpti in Spain) and I attend training sessions, webinars, Moocs and conferences all over the year.

Last but not least, to be a translator means I am a happy one! (#andbeahappyone)

Feel free to contact me. I'll be glad to handle your translation project!

Kind regards,